Our Story


Get Supr was created by our friend Jay. 

Jay went through an incredibly challenging period in his life - both personally and professionally - his anxiety and tension was too severe to ignore. He visited a doctor, who diagnosed him with severe anxiety and prescribed a medication.

Jay was a bit leery of medications and avoided using them whenever possible. He preferred to look to nature to solve his problems. After heavy research, Jay decided to try CBD as an anxiety treatment. After experimenting with CBD and finding his ideal dosage, he noticed that his insomnia was getting better. CBD helped him to sleep better, but he noticed he was still dealing with anxiety symptoms.

Because of the anxiety, he didn't have my regular energy levels throughout the day, which started to interfere with his work and lifestyle. So, he tried something different - mixing my CBD with my morning coffee. 

It worked - and Get Supr was born. Delicious and effective! 


"Instant Coffee with Hemp CBD has changed my life. It's convenient and powerful, and I know that it can help others too. There's no reason that anyone should simply ignore their anxiety symptoms or try to fight through the drowsiness that CBD often leads to."


Instant Coffee with Hemp CBD is the solution that works on both levels. Feel great, get your work done, and live your life!